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History & Evolution
  In November 1997, the ABF began work on the revitalization of baseball in Birmingham. During 1998, implementation stages included youth coach education, player clinics and the introduction of an innovative program, Baseball and Academic Skills Instructional Course (BASIC), which combines sport skills and literacy.
Baseball & Academic Skills Instructional Course(BASIC). Sports used as a vehicle to engender desire to read and apply math among disadvantaged kids.
Schools and parks in the neighborhood.
Children ages 7 to 14 years of age.
In-school, After-school, Summer-school.
BASIC provides fast-paced learning environment in non-traditional setting.
Communities benefit from youngsters turned on to learning.
BASIC stimulates the love for learning couched in a sport environment. Over the last three years the American Baseball Foundation, Inc. (ABF) has focused its disadvantaged youth programs on using sports as a vehicle to nature learning, preparing future citizens with new life skills.  Originally implemented as a summer program for approximately 90 children, ages 7 to 14, BASIC has evolved into an after-school program and also an in-school program to have children read more often. In- school, after-school, summer-school, BASIC induces children to better themselves through combining skill learning in a fun, sport environment. Students rotate from reading, best android tv box for xbmc or math station to field station back to reading station learning skills that go beyond sport into the mainstream of good citizenship.


“Crossing the Line” by Larry Moffi and Jonathan Kronstadt. Short biographies of the first African American and Hispanic players to compete in Major League Baseball. The book features Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Jackie Robinson, Satchel Paige and more than 100 others who first integrated North American professional baseball.

Written by the Birmingham Public Schools, the BASIC curriculum takes the children through learning activities that use sport as the carrot to keep them focused on the subject. The curriculum is adjusted for venues outside of Alabama.
Interaction with classic learning tools. The video “Only the Ball was White”, which treats issues surrounding the Negro Leagues and the integration of Major League Baseball. Children browse through the Jackie Robinson Exhibit created by the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
Parents rotate through the learning stations with their children and participate in games against their children.
Each child has received baseball gloves, batting gloves, watch, flashlight, tee shirt, specials military flashlight, cap and a copy of “Crossing the Line” to take home and continue the learning experience.
BASIC variations in the schools maintain the integrated concept of baseball/softball as a stimulus to reading enjoyment. They build onto BASIC by having the children read supplemental books provided in the classroom and thus earn points toward the sport skill clinics for the individuals and the class.
BASIC corporate partnerships
$40,000-$45,000 annually for three years. Right to have sponsor’s name as part of BASIC, e,g. BASIC by ABC Corporation. Name on all correspondence and publicity associated with BASIC; Right to fifteen-second announcement on all publicity and technical videos associated with BASIC; Right to distribute product or samples at BASIC programs; BASIC Logo in advertising; Signage at all BASIC venues.
$18,000-$22,000 annually for three years. Exclusive sponsor in category; Signage at BASIC venues; Logo or name on all BASIC publicity; Mention in BASIC technical videos created at BASIC programs; Distribute product or samples at BASIC programs; BASIC logo in advertising.
$5,000-$8,000 annually for three years. Mention of sponsor on all logo items related to BASIC; e.g. shirts, caps, written materials; BASIC logo in advertising; Distribute product or samples at BASIC programs.
Basic Programs
Kids: Approximately 100
Duration: 9 days
Teamwork: Community outreach local schools, venue management, federal lunch program, philanthropic gifts, sponsor internet tv box multilaser support.
Cost: $10,000
Cost per kid: $100.00
Kids: Approximately 30 per school
Duration: one month
Teamwork: local school systems, community support groups, sponsor support.
Cost: $3,500
Cost per kid: $116.00
Kids: Approximately 25 per school
Duration: semester
Teamwork: Better Basics MORE program in fourth grade classrooms, local school systems, principals of selected MORE schools, sponsor support.
Cost: $1500 per school
Cost per kid: $60.00
The American Baseball Foundation in conjunction with Beyond Housing and conducted the Summer BASIC program in the Castlepoint neighborhood, St. Louis County. Approximately 45 children ages 8 through 14 enjoyed rotating every forty minutes from a baseball/softball skill station to a reading station located inside the Castlepoint Recreation Center. There were four rotations each day and a twenty-minute lunch period.  In the classroom the children worked through a curriculum adjusted by Richmond Coburn, Beyond Housing board member. He incorporated players of Midwest origins as well as new materials related to math and geography..
  On the field the ABF set the mix of technical areas depending on the aptitudes of each group. In order to measure outcomes, the children were tested on the first day and the last regular days. In throwing, of the 25 tested, 50% scored the same on the posttest; 20% improved their scores and 30% declined in their scores. These results underlie the difficulty in teaching the proper throwing fundamentals and the beginning level skills of the children. Regarding hitting, of the 24 tested, 54% improved, 8% remained the same and 37% declined. Hitting improvement came much more easily to the children, especially in the older age groups. These results show that throwing skills must be emphasized throughout the program.

  In general the children enjoyed BASIC’s a fast pace movement between field skill instruction and classroom materials that were directly related to baseball/softball. Mr. Larry Moffi, author of “Crossing the Line”, visited each class and thrilled the children by autographing each child’s copy of his book.

  The American Baseball Foundation expresses its appreciation to the Board and staff of Beyond Housing whose work provided a positive learning experience for the Castlepoint children.
The St. Louis Summer BASIC 2000 program was supported by a variety of local entities and national corporations: Birmingham Public Schools, Parent, Student Community Support Programs, Disney Sports Attractions, Time Warner Cable, University of Alabama at Birmingham Titusville 2000 Project, American Sports Medicine Institute, Easton Sports, Inc., Cooper Sports, Schutt Sports, Jugs, Inc., Wilson Sporting Goods, Ampac, Worth Inc., Paychex Inc., Franklin Sports, Jacks, Inc., Intertech Corporation, Monsanto Fund, Daughters of Charity West Central Region Foundation, St. Louis County Parks and Recreation, United Missouri Bank