Coach Education Courses
The American Baseball Foundation offers coaching courses designed to give the coach the knowledge and methodology to transmit appropriate information to the player.Coaches learn to:

define their role in youth sport
how to engender a positive experience for all children under their care
cater to values that the children bring to sport
Beginning Pitching Course Outline

Throwing and pitching mechanics
Pitch Types, FB, CH
Control Development
Mental Approach to Pitching
Pitching Strategy
Advanced Pitching Course Outline

Review of throwing and pitching mechanics
Pitch Types, FB with movement, CH, Curve
Video Analysis
Fault Correction
Mental Approach to Pitching
Pitching Strategy
Pitching from the Set Position
Pick Off’s
General Fundamentals Coaching Course OutlineThrowing

Ball Grip
Arm Path
Lead up games: Timed partner throw, target throw, home run or out.
Catching the Ball
Basic Movements
Cross Over Step
Catching a Roller
Catching a Fly Ball
Force Out
Tag Out


Positioning in Box
Swing Commencement
Exit from Batter’s Box
Rounding the Bases
Runner Reaction to Situations
Team Defense
Defensive Reaction
Practice OrganizationLead Up Games for Team Practice
Advanced Fundamentals Coaching CourseThrowing

Review of throwing motion using backward shaping theory


Approach to ground balls
Fielding and throwing movements
Footwork and arm variations in throwing
Fly balls
Drop step
Lead up games: team throw, infield fungo, crow hop triangle


Swing essence
Hitting inside the can
Visual skills in tracking and hitting the baseball
Progression on lessening fear factor in hitting versus pitcher
Hitting to all fields
Station practice
Bat Release
Run through 1st Base
Runner Reaction

Role of the Coach

Team composition
Teaching individual skills
Adult values
Children’s values and motivation
Practice Organization
Four elements in effective sport instruction
Four general facets of coaching
Sample practice
Practice Organization Coaching Course Coaches go through a typical practice session in which they rotate through skill stations; execute drills related to specific baseball/softball situations, e.g. runner reaction, relay person; play lead up games; define role of coach in youth baseball/softball.