ABF Pitching Mechanics Model

ABF worked with American Sports Medicine Institute(ASMI) to establish a proper baseball pitching mechanics models. Its model helps baseball pitchers to prevent injury and receive the proper techniques of pitching.

ABF Pitching Mechanics Model

Pitching Clinics: Advanced & Beginning
The ABF offers beginning and advanced pitching clinics for players. ABF instructors travel to the park to conduct the program. Clinics may last three hours. Players learn practical concepts derived from biomechanical and practical research undertaken by the ABF and the American Sports Medicine Institute. Players can lesson injury incidence through repetition of proper mechanics related to throwing and pitching.

Beginning curriculum usually entails:

Review of Pitching Mechanics
Alignment of Gathering of Body
Alignment in Stride
Arm Path
Pitch Types
Change up
Pitcher Catcher Combination
Pitch Placement
Control Development
Advanced curriculum includes:Review of Pitching MechanicsPitch Types
Fastball with movement
Change up
Controlled Breaking BallPitcher Catcher Combination
Set Position, Beginning SequencePitcher’s Defense
Bunt Defense
Holding runners close to base
Pick off mechanicsCommon Mechanical Faults and Corrections
Arm Path
Follow Through
Lower Body Opening

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Individual Instruction
The American Baseball Foundation offers individual instruction during the entire year at the American Sports Medicine Institute. The institute is located at 1313 13th Street South near the HEALTHSOUTH hospital near the University of Alabama at Birmingham campus. Instructional sessions stress mechanics of pitching, throwing and hitting. Sessions last 60 minutes, one instructor for one student. Families may split the hour lesson among two students. Instruction begins at 5:00 p.m. each weekday afternoon. Weekend sessions are scheduled as per the demand. For more information call ABF Headquarters at 205-558-4235.
$50 per hour
ABF Fall Instructional Team
In 1999 the American Baseball Foundation agreed to become the technical consultant for the South Roebuck Park & Sports Foundation to restore an inner-city baseball complex for use in ABF educational programs. After several months of resurfacing and cleaning the two youth baseball diamonds, the ABF inaugurated the fields with pitching mini camps for youths ages 8 to 14 years of age during the summer months.
Over the last two years the ABF has managed a traveling team in Fall Alabama Select League. The calendar of events is as follows:

August: Try outs usually on successive Saturday mornings.

Late August: Roster selection and initiation of team practices. The team roster is composed of a maximum of fifteen players. Ages range from 12 through fourteen years. In the year 2000 the ABF Instructional Team had eight pitchers on the roster. Players are selected on ability and must maintain their academics in order to continue to play for the ABF team.

September to October: The team competes in six double headers on Sunday afternoons.

The ABF attempts to improve team members’ confidence levels. Instruction reviews fundamentals of hitting, throwing, pitching and individual defense. Also team members are exposed to the ABF mental approach to competition. Players are asked to study periodic handouts prepared by the ABF coaches. Analyze their performances regarding their ability to remain focused on the task at hand . They must then adjust their thought processes and physical skills become more competitive, thus contributing to the overall achievement of the team.Baseball Field


The ABF has the possibility of using the South Roebuck fields throughout the year. Interested individuals and families should contact ABF Headquarters for more information.